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The "Purist" 2.7 Z-Car

This setup uses your existing 240Z engine so your numbers match. The motor has a big bore, long-rod combination and the E-31 or E-88 cylinder touring style head from your stock 240Z engine. On pump gas this motor produces 240 HP with SU carbs or 270 HP with tripple carbs (as shown).

The "True" 3.0 Z-Car

A 3.0 liter 6-cylinder with SU Carbs, stroker crank, big bore cylinders, long rods and an option to use any of the L-series cylinder heads. The "Full-On" package adds the big bore SU carburetor modification, street porting, cam kit and it can produce 300HP / 290 lbs torque.

The "Big-Bore" 3.2 Z-Car

Using the diesel crankshaft and special block preparation this long rod combination is a real torque monster. With cylinder head work, cam and an induction/exhaust system, it produces 320+ HP / 300+ lbs torque. Add tripple carbs and get 365 HP / 300 lbs torque. This engine is sold ONLY as a complete assembly. Includes block, crank and rod cores. Customer supplies cylinder head.

VQ35 Powered 300ZX GT-2

This engine provides 380 HP / 300 LBS torque with a 30mm single inlet restrictor. The same engine unrestricted makes 440 HP / 330 lbs tourque and revs to 8500 RPM. This is the engine that comes in the Nissan 350Z

NISSAN Sentra GT-Lite

4 Cylinder L series engine GT-Lite with a 25mm single inlet restrictor makes over 170 HP / 135 lbs tourque and revs to 8000 RPM. Also available our unrestricted 2.3 liter engine making 255+HP / 210 lbs tourque and revs to 8500 RPM.

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